River Rafting in Goa

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1:30 Hour to 2 Hours
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9:30 am, 12:30 am, 2:30 pm, and 5:30 pm slots


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Rental equipment Guidance and training lessons A 10km rafting experience under the supervision of an expert instructor

Challenging River Rafting in Goa

Goa is the perfect place to visualize the beautiful sunny beaches, sunsets, sand, and the sea during summer. The glamorous scenes of Goa captivate you during the monsoon season when the state presents an amazing view. During the monsoon, greenery and rapidly moving overflowing rivers attract people for making new adventures.

River rafting is a widely popular outdoor water sport activity that is a fun loaded and adventurous sport. This activity is conducted on an inflated raft. A team of 6 people ride on the raft and manage to balance both by sitting 3 on each side. The members of this team propel the raft through the oars provided to them. This watersport requires the complete focus and cooperation of the whole team, making this ride a fun and thrilling activity.

The Spot for River Rafting in Goa

The spot for this activity is the Mhadei river that flows through Valpoi village located in the Satteri district. This river is flowing through a wildlife sanctuary that hosts various biodiversity. This spot is an awful and enjoyable place for those who are going to visit it for the first time and a place full of thrills and adventures for those who are professional and expert rafters.

Timings of the Rafting

The timing for this ride starts usually after breakfast at 8:30 am. It takes approximately 1:30 Hour to 2 Hours. Different time slots can be availed for this ride including [wt_tour].

Important Note: Make sure to make an advance booking of your preferred time slot.

Price of River rafting in Goa

The price of river rafting in Goa is around 1,799.00, which is a very reasonable price for this ride offered by Goa Water Sports. You can enjoy a pocket-friendly river rafting in Goa. You can get your videos and photos by paying a suitable amount of Rs 1500.

The most suitable time for rafting

The best time to enjoy this challenging rafting is between July and September or October because these are the monsoon months and the rivers flow at their full creating challenging tides in the river for the rafters.

What does the package include?

  • Rental equipment
  • Guidance and training lessons
  • A 10km rafting experience under the supervision of an expert instructor

Do’s & Don’ts:

How to dress up

Try to wear a swimsuit and a cotton T-shirt that will keep you comfortable when you get wet during rafting.

Pair of clothes

You should carry a pair of clothes with you to change your dress once you complete your ride.


You should wear shoes or pick footwear that does not create a problem for you when it gets wet and have a strong grip on the wet surface.

  • If you are not allowed to carry a mobile phone or camera, you should not carry them with you.
  • You should avoid carrying important and precious stuff that you can not afford to lose or get wet in water.

Safety Measures

  • You will be necessarily required to wear a safety jacket that you will be provided with.
  • Be attentive to and follow the guidelines and instructions given to you.
  • People who are 12 years of age or above can participate in rafting.

What is expected about rafting?

  • The meeting point for the rafters will be the earthen pot restaurant, Valpoi
  • You will have to walk for a short distance from the point of drop-off to the Mhadei river
  • You will be provided with a briefing and detailed instructions for taking safety measures and about how to use the safety equipment
  • The facility of capturing photos and videos will be available at an extra amount you will be required to pay
  • The trip will charge each person an amount of 1,799.00. Depending on the availability, you can also get discounts on booking for groups.

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