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start at 4:00 pm and end at 6:30 pm
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You will get Snacks Enjoy Music Local sweets and authentic Goan food Herbal drink Fun Games

Commemorating Visit of  Assagao Heritage and Walking Tour

If you are fond of the stories of legends and visiting monuments and historical places, you have reached the right place. We organize commemorating tours of different historical places for those who love to dive into history. One such tour we organize is the visit to Assagao Heritage. We arrange the trip to a tapering tower popularly known as ‘’Kator’’ meaning scissors. The Kator is related to a legend about a prince who was lost. The lost prince while finding his way, built the Kator. It is commonly believed by the people that there was some strange inscription in an alien language on Kator. The folklore says that the Kator will be unlocked if the message inscribed on it is decoded. The interpretation of the message will expose a bhangaracho handdo means a pot filled with gold.

What is famous about Assagao?

It is commonly said that the folks of Assagao were fond of flowers. You can see an extensive variety of Ambolim (Crossandra), zueyo (Jasmine), Xiumitim (Chrysanthemum), Roses, and Rozam (Marigold). The people of Assagao were so in love with flowers that they specified a part of the fertile land for planting flowers at Temba known as Fullamcho Mollo. The people of Assagao used to plant diverse species of flowers and then bring them for sale in the popular Mapusa Market. For this very reason, Assagao became popularly known as Fullanchom Ganv— Valley of Flowers

Springs of Assagao

There was a time when Assagao had 7 hill springs that were enriched with minerals. Most of these springs were destroyed due to the whim of nature and human activities. Among these springs, two were much beneficial to boost their healing powers. These two springs were the Spring of Valle in Tollem ao Sul de Regueiro ou Fonte famous for curing lung issues and rheumatism. The second spring was known as Dossazor—popular for treating problems relating to eyes.

Assagao’s Biodiversity

Among Assagao’s vast variety is its flora particularly the medicinal plants & flowers and 8-10 different varieties of berries that can be eaten. The place is like a birds’ paradise because you can see a huge variety of birds containing the Purple Sunbird, Wagtail, Tickell’s Blue Flycatcher, Red-whiskered Bulbul, and the Asian Yellow Oriole that used to appear in the open areas of the houses.

Walking Tour

We arrange a walking tour to take you to observe the beauty of Assagao. The walking tour will cover:

  • Flowers valley— We will cover a special spot of Assagao known as Kattor (scissors). The spot is said to be around 1000 years old ancient place that attracts tourists who are in love with historical places.
  • The trek starts in the front yard of a proud son of the soil’s house. The incredible biodiversity and architectural marvels of this village are favorites of your guide. This biodiversity and architecture make Assagao Heritage Walk walk unique.
  • The road of the village is embellished with Splendid Indo Portuguese mansions, lush local fruits, berries, and flower foliage. To save you from boredom and restore your interest, we will play fun games while we stroll through the village. These games will aim to help you memorize the names of domestic and wild fruits as well as medicinal plants by the time we’re done.
  • Finally, we will return to the front yard. After that, we will bid adieu to let you try making your desired drinks with the help of medicinal ingredients. You will love the taste of the local home-cooked meal and will relish the savor while listening to the Goan folk songs.

List of Places to be Covered

  • Kator
  • Fellys Garden
  • Happy home (Live Happy Ngo Center)
  • School in Assagao
  • Sakov, vau, dovornem & Aguto
  • Hill orchid land of Assagao
  • Churches of Assagao
  • The first bar opened in Assagao


The walk will start at 4:00 pm and end at 6:30 pm

The Trip Includes

  • You will get Snacks
  • Enjoy Music
  • Local sweets and authentic Goan food
  • Herbal drink
  • Fun Games

Things to Remember

  • Please be mindful of carrying your mask, Sanitizer, Water, Towel, and Cap with you
  • Wear clothes and shoes that are comfortable for you.
  • Visit the place with your family or friends group
  • We will not shake hands or engage in any other physical contact with visitors.

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