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Birdwatching and Crocodile Tour in Goa

Goa is charmingly beautiful with its splendid and magical views on the one hand and presents an awful image on the other hand due to terrifying crocodiles in the backwaters. The trip in the backwaters of the Cambarjua Canal will show you an entirely different side of Goa. You will see dozens of crocodiles here. However, a variety of beautiful birds are also found here. You will not find these birds easily on the seaside or in other places in Goa. If you want to plan an adventure trip with your family or friends or you want to encounter a challenging tour, you must visit this side of Goa.

Things to Remember

Activity Timings

Slot 1 is available at 9:00 am

Slot 2 is available at 12:00 pm

Slot 3 is available at 2:00 pm

Slot 4 is available at 4:00 pm

Activity Prices

The activity will cost you 1,499.00 per head. Children above the age of 5 years or above will be charged the full fee.

The package includes:

You will be provided mineral water, and soft drinks/beer will be served as a complimentary addition.

No age restrictions

This trip can be enjoyed by people of all age groups. There is no age restriction for this trip. Children will love watching colorful birds and boat rides.

How to Dress up?

Be conscious while choosing your footwear particularly. Choose shoes that have got a strong grip on the surface and avoid slippery footwear. Dress up in light clothes to avoid any discomfort during the hot midday. To protect your skin from UV rays and sunburns, apply a sufficient amount of sunscreen and wear a cap or a hat.

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The Zuari River

Zuari river is the largest river in the state of Goa which is 92 kilometers long. The mouth of the river is at Hemad-Barshem in the Western Ghats and it moves along the Talukas of Tiswadi, Ponda, Marmagoa, Salcette, Sanguem, and Quepem on the southwest side.

Cumbarjua Canal

The Cumbarjua Canal serves as a bridge between the Zuari river and the Mandovi river. This area engages the fishermen in various activities whom you can observe while moving down the canal via cruise.

Mangroves Sighting

On the Cambarjua Canal’s banks are a row of mangrove trees. A diverse variety of Fish, mollusks, and crabs are abundantly found in this area. The mangroves ensure that the land is sheltered from tidal surges and help to avoid soil erosion. Mangrove wood is an excellent fuel source and prevents decay in buildings.

Crocodile Safari

The Cambarjua canal is said to be the crocodile home and crocodile station in Goa. The giant mugger crocodile— a popular broad-snouted marsh crocodile grows as big as 4-5 meters in length and resides in Cambarjua.

Male crocodiles are bigger and heavier than females. They have traits of highly skilled predators by nature but they do not attack humans because they are not trained to do so. They have a third membrane in their eyes which serves the specific purpose of enabling them to identify things and keeping the water out of their sight.

The female crocodiles make arrangements for their breeding. They dig holes to secure and lay eggs in them. The sex of the crocodile depends upon the temperature of the nest. If the egg develops and remains at 32.5 Celsius temperature, the baby crocodile will produce a male. However, if the baby crocodile develops under 28-31 Celsius temperature, it will grow as a female.

Bird-watching Safari

The bird-watching safari will be a 2-hour long trip and it will enchant you with the sight of different and colorful birds that are hard to find in other spots in Goa. The beauty of these freely moving lovely creatures spreading their colors and sweet voices adds to the beauty of the backwater of Goa.

The diversity of these lovely birds includes the white-breasted kingfisher, the drongo, the pied kingfisher, pariah kites, the sandpiper, kingfisher being black-capped, egrets, cormorants, terns, and many others.

This trip is going to be an ideal trip for birdwatchers who will find themselves stunned by the beauty of the birds and won’t get enough of their beauty and charm.

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