Bumper Boat Ride Water Sport in Goa


Total: 799

Tour info

1 Minute
You will be charged for pickup and drop-off facility at your desired location
Tour Type:
Joy ride
Group size:
Minimum 2 Person

Bumper Boat Ride

Thrilling Bumpy-Bumper Boat Ride in Goa

After you try adventurous watersports, snorkeling jet skiing, and paragliding, you must try the bumper boat ride and enjoy your fun activities like you never did before. You will be riding an inflated round-shaped boat with your family and friends. This doughnut-shaped boat attracts the most fun lovers to make their time memorable and joyful. This ride is the source of attraction for adventure seekers and fascinates them to enjoy the thrilling bumpy ride of the bumper boat.

This fun-loaded ride will take you in the water in a large rubber tube inflated with air. It will be tied and pulled by a speed boat. This sport is also known as tubing. The speed boat challenges you when it accelerates in the water and you are required to stick to the boat having a strong grip otherwise the boat will throw you off into the water. When the bumper boat filled with air bounces up and down, the rider feels like he is on a flight. Beginners may find a little difficulty in balancing on the boat, but once you have a strong grip on the boat, your fun will be multiplied many times.

Price Plan of the Bumper Boat Ride in Goa

  • A minimum of two persons can sit on the bumper boat and the charges for this ride are 799.00 for each person.
  • Children of 12 years or above will be fully charged for this trip.
  • The ride is operational during October and April.
  • You will need to take your own swimsuit, swimwear, t-shirt, shorts, and towel.
  • To avoid UV rays effects, bring your sunscreen. Glasses and hats.

Duration of the Trip

This boat trip will last for 1 Minute.

Things to remember

  • Not for the patients: Weak-hearted and people with medical issues are advised not to try this ride. People having blood issues, heart problems, or any serious medical issues, are advised not to try this ride.
  • Your safety is our top-most priority: Your safety is our top-most concern which is why we provide you with life jackets and other required safety equipment.
  • Transportation facility: You will be charged for pickup and drop-off facility at your desired location.
  • Build up your concentration: The practice of sitting properly on the boat and holding it with a strong grip to avoid falling into the water enhances your concentration levels.


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