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Everyone's Favourite Helicopter Ride in Goa

The impression of Goa’s spectacular and alluring beaches on people around the world is significant. The water sports activities in Goa are known to everyone and famous around the globe. These activities are the major source of income for the state of Goa. Since Goa Tourism Development Corporation is getting popular for being appreciated for numerous water sports activities and fun-filled sports, it has decided to launch more and more for the people to cherish their Goa trips. One such activity is the helicopter ride being launched by Goan authorities.

Goa’s government and the authorities have made strategic plans and executed them for the eGoa’s economy to flourishse plans were successful to a great extent. For instance, hot air balloons ride has made a successful business. Now they have introduced another remarkable daring activity—A helicopter ride in Goa.

Helicopter Experience in Goa

The authorities of Goa said that the plan of launching this ride aims to conduct helicopter tours in North and South Goa. The location that is finalized for this ride is Quitol, near Mobor beach located in South Goa. The adventure ride is a joint venture launched by Pawan Hand Ltd and the Goa Tourism Department. This ride is the perfect way to experience an aerial view of Goa and explore its beauty from the top.

You can experience the beautiful scenes of Goa from the State-of-art Bell 206 choppers when the ride starts, the helicopter takes off from the part Hyatt Goa Resort and the Spa. It will be a 25-minute long ride and you will fly to see the mesmerizing scenes of various locations in Goa.

Price of Goa Helicopter Ride

The price of the tickets for the most adventurous ride in Goa is estimated at ₹15,000 – ₹30,000. For your convenience and ease the authorities have facilitated you and you can easily book your tickets online for this most adventurous ride.

The locals in Goa are seeking more and more benefits from this decision of the Goa Tourism Department as it will help to augment their economic prosperity within the state. This step is being appreciated by the locals. Goa has gained popularity over the past few years for introducing and launching multiple sports for tourists like battery-operated cycle rides, bungee jumping, sea rafting, etc.

Location of the Ride

The location decided for this adventure ride is South Goa.

Spectacular views of Goa

The authorities of Goa have declared that the addition of this new adventure ride will help to lift their economy, people seem curious to know the areas this ride is going to cover. It has not been announced when this ride is going to be operational. However, you can get information about the expected things concerned to the rides.

The ride is expected to fly high at the level of 500-1000 meters from sea level. You are certainly going to have a memorable experience from this height that will occupy your memories afterward.

During this adventurous ride, you will be enjoying the most spectacular sights of Arrosim, Majorda, Betalbatim, Colva, Benaulim, and Varca beach.

The greenery of the beautiful scenes of Goan village along the coastal like will leave you stunned and admiring the scenic beauty in Goa.

Things to remember

  • You can book the helicopter ride with the facility of online booking.
  • A maximum of three travelers can board the helicopter for one ride and the riders can not exceed this limit.
  • When you book your helicopter ride, you will be given the facility to choose the time and date slot for your ride.
  • When you book your online tickets, you can choose how many people are going to accompany you during your ride.
  • You are advised to wear clothes and footwear that you find comfortable for the ride.
  • Those who are assigned a helicopter ride will be given the required safety gear.
  • Before you board the helicopter, you will be given a demonstration to help you know how to fly ensuring your safety.
  • There are no restrictions on age for the participants of the helicopter ride.
  • There is a full fee waiver for children of 2 years of age or below who are riding the helicopter.
  • You can not carry your baggage while riding the helicopter.
  • All the riders are required to keep with them a valid ID or an authentic passport if the riders are foreigners.
  • You are advised to reach 45 minutes earlier than your assigned time for the ride.
Departure Price
October 1, 2023 To January 31, 2024
Adult: 29,999.00

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