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Incredible and Scrumptious FlyDining

FlyDining is an exotic and exorbitant experience of eating. You will find the adventurous experience merged with exquisite dining. Fly dining is a unique dining experience for the people in Goa. FlyDining or Sky dining is an amazing experience of dining where you can enjoy the beauty of nature from the height and the savor of exotic foods. You might have never experienced this adventurous dining at its height. You will find a way to the gardens at Grand Hyatt Goa to have an incredible dining experience that will leave you stunned and leave an everlasting impression on your mind.

The dining platform floating 160ft high in the sky combines the vibes of luxurious five-star resort dining with the scenic beauty of the beautiful coastal view of Goa. You will be stunned by the fascinating view ariel view when the dining platform moves 360 degrees while enjoying the exquisite foods of Goa. If you desire to make an even more thrilling experience, repose your four-strapped seat to 180 degrees which will make you feel that you are enjoying a roller coaster or other adventurous rides in an amusement park.


Fly dining is built on the security and safety protocols of Germany and abides by the international safety protocols to ensure the safety of tourists. You can enjoy Goan foods and admire the beauty of Goa from 160 ft height without compromising your safety at all.

Fly Dining Menu

You can enjoy the three-course meal experience for breakfast, sundowners, dinner, and high tea, including exotic food items that are prepared in a hygienic environment by Gran Hyatt Goa’s expert chefs. The platform can accommodate not more than 24 seats. You will also enjoy live music performances, photographs by a professional photographer, and a four-member service team that will ensure your safety and remarkable experience. You can also choose your 5-course meal either vegetarian or non-vegetarian before you are ready to board.

You will find scrumptious dishes like paneer skewers/chicken skewers or spaghetti Bolognese /chicken pasta in white sauce while you are on a hanging dining platform in the air. You will love the drinks available at the fly dining. You can choose your favorite drink from Watermelon Mojito, Lemon Mojito, or Blackcurrant Mojito among the mocktails. All these drinks are included in the package. You can also have a delicious dessert in your package. This will be a partial paragliding experience and you can enjoy the ariel view when you repose your seats to 180 degrees once the table is suspended for a spectacular view.

Package Price and Timings

The Fly Dining experience is matchless and is not easily found anywhere. This incredible experience costs you a very reasonable price. The price for each person varies from INR 3500 to 8000 based on your preferred time slot.

The sunset slot starts at 5:45 pm and ends at 6:30 pm and is considered the most incredible and miraculous. You will have a spectacular view of the world-famous sunsets of Goa while enjoying your exotic meals and sipping your favorite drinks. The dinner meal will cost you around 8000 INR but you will feel satisfied with every penny you spend on this amazing dinner with your loved one or your partner. Grab the best dining package in Goa at the most suitable rates.

Booking Method

To avoid any inconvenience in your reservation, you must confirm your booking two hours prior to your desired slot to enjoy this flight for dream dining. You will need to pick out your favorite meal available in your preferred time slot and get ready to fly for the luxurious dining experience. Imagine the view of palm trees-lined coastlines from the height and majestic views of the Arabian Sea while feeling the cool breeze whispering in your ears.

To make the best of your experience, you can also book the whole package for causal parties, anniversary parties, office parties, and arranging special romantic proposals. Reserve your booking today to have a delightful experience of hanging on the dining platform and enjoying the spectacular views of Goa.


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