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Water Sports

Goa is a paradise for beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts alike.Weather you’re a beginner or a pro,there’s something for everyone.Here’s a look at some of the best water sports options in Goa.

Jet skiing is one the most popular water sports in Goa.It is a thrilling experience as you ride the waves and feel the wind in your face.Jet Skiing can be enjoyed at various beaches in Goa but there are few beaches that are famous for this activity.These are-Colva,Anjuna,Calangute,Baga,Aguda and Candolim.The experience of watching dolphins,spotting exotic birds and the serenity of the sea makes it unforgettable for lifetime.So pack your bags,head to goa and get ready to ride the waves on a jet ski.

Another popular beach water sport in Goa is Parasailing.The activity involves a parachute being attached to a speedboat and then being pulled in the air. Tourists can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the beach while enjoying the thrill of being airborne.The state has a number of locations that are perfect for parasailing,including Calangute Beach,Baga beach and Anjuna Beach.

For those who want to try something new,flyingboarding can be a very good option that is gaining popularity in Goa.It involves standing on a board that is propelled by water pressure,allowing you to fly above the water.

From parasailing to scuba diving,there’s something for everyone.he beaches of Goa provide an ideal location for tourists to indulge in these thrilling water sports.So,pack your bags and head to Goa for an adventure you’ll never forget.

  • North Goa
    Jet Ski Goa

    Jet Ski Adventure Sport in Goa

    From 399.00 2 Minutes / 10 Minutes / 15 Minutes Self
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  • Goa

    Jetlev Flyer in Goa

    3,999.00 10 Minutes Self
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  • North Goa
    man underwater making hand signs

    Scuba Diving (Grande Island) Including water sports Package in Goa

    1,699.00 8:00 am to 5:30 pm Private Vehicle Bus/Traveller/Car(whichever is available)
    1,699.00 View Details
  • Sale!
    person in black and white diving suit under water

    Scuba Diving (Malvan Island) Including water sports Package in Goa

    1,299.00 from 6:30 am to 5:30 pm Pickup and drop-off responsibility of our team from the Hotel's nearest point in Private Shared AC vehicle
    1,299.00 View Details
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    Snorkling Day trip in Goa

    1,499.00 The transportation facility is available for hotels in specific areas only including Baga, Calangute, Arpora, Candolim, Nerul, and Sinquerim regions.
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